10 Thoughts to “First Day”

  1. Stuart

    Another good event ahead 0)

  2. Squiffy

    Awesome, looking forward to it !

  3. Bro Barnsey

    Sorry could not find it on satnav, so if you never went you never saw me as I never went either. Maybe next time.

  4. Marc Edge

    I enjoyed every minute i wasn’t there, i never even noticed the ride there and back. Looking forward to the next one.

  5. George Mackie

    Awesome Venue, I was there the other year, when I came back it was like being “Born Again.”
    I am a bit stumped as I don’t know whether to start non-attending the one that no-one attended back in 2008, or to non-attend this year.
    Then if I like it maybe I could non-attend one every month leading to a monumental NON-ATTENDANCE nowhere in 2018.
    On a more serious note, I find myself needing another drink.

    Ride Safe and keep it between the hedges.

  6. Steve Garth

    Many people don’t go to all the NARs from 2008 to present day. This way they collect the set of badges while contributing to the Poppy Appeal.
    We will have all badges in stock when the next batch of 2010 arrives in the next week or so.

  7. Steve Garth

    Glad you didn’t enjoy it.

  8. Steve Garth

    It will be good to not see you, enjoy the ride.

  9. Steve Garth

    Glad you enjoyed staying at home.

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