How To Get To The Clangers Planet

This is so much easier to do than our Anniversary visit to the Elysian Fields. To be honest, many non-attenders were unable to not attend last year due to the difficult journey required.

This year is completely different, the journey is simple.

We have arranged for the Iron Chicken to bring her nest to Earth and transport you and your bike to the Clangers Planet. Pick up point is 1 mile west of the North Pole (to maintain secrecy, the Iron Chicken is shy).

It is IMPERATIVE that you DO NOT leave your bike unattended while the Iron Chicken is around. You know what she is like with metal, whether scrap or not. Your bike will be dismantled and turned into something else before you can turn around.

What Will We Do On The Planet?

Once on the planet, be respectful of the peaceful nature of your hosts. Please park your bike behind the crater, the Froglets will guard them for you, although the only real concern is the Iron Chicken.

Breakfast, and dinner and tea will be Soup, provided by the Soup Dragon and Baby Soup Dragon. You could try the Blue String Pudding, but I personally found it a bit stringy, it stuck in my teeth.

You can explore the tunnels and caves (mind out for the hot soup wells), visit the Clangers homes and generally chill.

I recommend a visit to the surface where you can listen to the Music Tree, watch the Cloud sail by and keep an eye out for Sky Moos and other celestial bodies.

You may be lucky (or unlucky) enough to see the Hoots on their planet, if they go past  they are sure to give you a tune.


Who Will I See There?

To make things a little easier, I have an introduction into who you may meet;

Major Clanger
Major Clanger is the father of the Clangers family. He is very creative and resourceful, and constantly inventing. Some of his inventions even work at times, though it’s often Small and Tiny that help him find the solution to making them work properly! Major can sometimes be full of self-importance as the head of the family, but the other members are easily able to show him how solving a challenge together is always the best outcome.

Mother Clanger
Mother Clanger is the backbone and heart of the family. She is smart and also provides loving guidance to her children. She is the focus of family life and is calm and quiet. Her sanctuary is her garden, where she tends to her flowers and plants. It is a haven of Zen and tranquillity for Mother and any of the wider Clangers community who like to visit her there.

Granny Clanger
Granny Clanger is Major Clanger’s mother. She leads a fairly quiet life, sitting by her bed cave and taking the occasional nap. She loves to make things though and her real passion is knitting. Her many years of experience have made her into a treasure trove of knowledge of the planet. She has a homespun wisdom that has a calm and steady influence on Clanger life. She is often called upon to be the ultimate arbiter whenever a disagreement flares up. She is also a skilled storyteller, something that is especially appreciated by the children and their friends.

Small Clanger
Small is a young male Clanger. He is filled with a healthy curiosity for the world around him and all the fascinating beings he meets. He has a passion for inventing things and it is often Small who is the first to realise the potential uses for things that land on the planet from space. He has an adventurous and impetuous spirit which can often lead him into trouble. He and his sister Tiny share a strong and loving bond and are often willing accomplices in whatever adventures they may find themselves.

Tiny Clanger
Tiny is the younger sister of Small. She, like her brother, is lively and creative but she has a softer, more subtle way about her. She loves and participates in all music the planet has to offer, particularly the Music Trees. She seems to understand the magical logic which flows through the Clangers universe. She is a loyal friend to everyone and has a particularly strong friendship with the Iron Chicken, who broadcasts a nightly bedtime story to Tiny’s radio-hat.

The Soup Dragon
The Soup Dragon lives underground in the volcanic-like Soup Wells. From here she provides the soup that is the staple of the Clangers diet. When she is not taking charge of the Wells, she is a humorous and loveable character and great friends to the family. Her voice sounds like slowly bubbling viscous liquid. Sometimes you think you can hear a real word or two, but mainly understanding comes from the tone of her voice.

Baby Soup Dragon
A very young, impetuous and sometimes mischievous dragon, who often gets frustrated that he can’t do everything his mother can. He looks up to the Clangers and likes to be involved in everything they do.



The Iron Chicken
The Iron Chicken lives in a nest made from scrap metal floating high above the Clangers’ planet. She is a great friend to all the Clangers, particularly since Major has helped mend her on more than one occasion when she has damaged her wings. She collects metal space debris which can be very useful in the Clangers’ inventions and creations. The Iron Chicken and Tiny Clanger are very close friends and share many adventures. All the Clangers love and appreciate the Iron Chicken and their love is reciprocated.

The Froglets are bright orange creatures – or sometimes yellow or blue! They have, at times, the disconcerting ability to change colour for no reason. They make strange ratchety noises and with spring-like locomotion they hop here there and everywhere. They are mischievous and playful, but are quite harmless. They live in a vertical lake underground but can be found anywhere the mood takes them on the planet.

Sky Moos
Blue cow-like creatures with ears that act as wings. They roam the sky above the planet and feed on the weeds that occasionally spring up unwanted on the planet. Sometimes the Clangers are lucky enough to have a ride on their backs.

The Cloud
A shape-shifting living cloud that can be persuaded with kind words to rain on seeds sown by the Clangers to help them grow.

The Music Trees
They play a big part in the life of the planet, working with Tiny to produce wonderful tunes from their note-covered branches.

Strange trumpet–shaped creatures on tripod-like legs, speaking and singing in brassy tones. Hoots live on the wandering Hoot Planet, a spherical mass of metal with brass horns that move in time with the wonderful music the planet makes.