2020 NAR Rally 13 – The Flying Dutchman

The 2020 Rally is one of the most daring so far – we are going to find out if the Flying Dutchman was loaded with treasure, and if the prophecy of a horrible death to all who see her is actually true!

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For the thirteenth (unlucky for some) Non-Attendance Rally our negotiating team have found Captain Van Der Decken, and arranged for you (because we’re not going this time) to visit the famous yet mysterious ship.

This year is one of the glorious seven years when Captain Van Der Decken is able to come ashore and try to find his love. If he does, and she loves him, then he and his crew will be free of the torment of forever sailing the seas. This also means that this year the ship can enter port and receive visitors. (be aware that if he cannot find his love, he will need more crew for the coming seven years at sea – do you like sailing?)

So, once you get your ticket, make your way to New Providence in the Bahamas, or Tortuga near Haiti to await your voyage. (The Captain will know where you are, he’s good like that). Watch for the eerily glowing ancient sailing ship on the horizon, appearing as the weather deteriorates and the clouds get heavy.

In New Providence, Thomas Barrow, the Governor of Providence, will safeguard your bikes along with Edward Teach, Blackbeard to his friends.

At Tortuga, Jean le Vasseur has agreed to look after your bikes, in his fort at Fort de Rocher, for the duration of your voyage assuming you come back able to ride away that is.

For those who do not believe in the Flying Dutchman, she (for a ship is always a she) has been sighted by many people, including two princes of Great Britain, Prince George (the future King George V), and Prince Albert along with their tutor John Dalton, as well as 30 of their crew.

The stories of unexpected death whenever the ship is sighted have some bearing in fact. All accounts of sightings subsequently report a death on their ship, or the whole ship going down. the two Princes reported that the seaman who first reported the Flying Dutchman, that day fell from the mast to his horrible end. So be warned, this years NAR is not for the faint-hearted, not only is there a good chance of seasickness, there is a reasonable chance of an untimely and gruesome death for yourself and others in your party.

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