The 2019 Rally is one of the easiest to attend, We meet at the End Of The Rainbow!

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For the twelfth Non-Attendance Rally our negotiating team have had a conversation with Fairy Queen, Oonagh, and obtained permission to visit the end of the rainbow. Unfortunately she wouldn’t tell us where it is exactly.

However, we know when a rainbow appears, and we can simply ride to the end of it, and maybe, just maybe, we can find the pot of gold, so take your shovels!

So, keep an eye on the sky for rain, as it subsides, hope for a ray of sun to light up the rainbow and off you go!

You don’t need to be in Ireland, it is well known that t he rainbow is a magical device which will transport you to where the Leprechauns live.

The High Queen of the Daoine Sidhe (Irish Fairies) (and wife of the High King Finvarra) Oonagh, Queen of Elphame, has instructed the Leprechauns to leave us alone, however, be warned, they are often disobedient, and may not be able to resist the chance to part a fool and his money.

Leprechauns are NOT the nice fun-loving creatures of modern folklore. They are tricky, mischievous malcontents who will want to trick you and deprive you of your property. If you wish to ignore this warning and try to capture a leprechaun, to escape he will either take you to the pot of gold, or give you three wishes to bargain for his freedom. Be very wary, they will make every effort to trick you, and you may end up with more trouble than you can deal with

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